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You can come and collect a gift voucher in an exclusive gift box during the restaurant's open days (or by appointment).

You can also order a gift box voucher and it will be delivered by post ( + € 10 postage/traceability) to the address indicated by you, after payment into our bank account: IBAN BE06 0019 6269 0522 - BIC GEBABEBB The gift vouchers are always valid for one year from the date of issue, cannot be combined and always bear a private number.


Below you can buy your gift vouche easily and quickly online and pay securely.
After payment, you will receive the gift voucher by e-mail, which you can print yourself.

Gift card online purchases

Giftcard De Herborist
Giftcard De Herborist

Surprise your loved ones with a gift card from Auberge De Herborist!

Please note that:
As gift vouchers are given a unique number, you can only enter 1 voucher per order. If you want to order multiple vouchers, we ask you to place a separate order each time, for which thank you.

"When you receive the email with the voucher in your mailbox, you may find that all the images sent with it are not yet visible. A quick solution to this is to click on "DOWNLOAD IMAGES" at the top right of the e-mail.